Pot Palladium – The First Marijuana Friendly Movie Theater

Pot Palladium

DENVER, COLORADO – The management of Denver’s Movie Complex has just announced that they will be turning one of the movie theater into a marijuana friendly smoking theater “Pot Palladium”.

The decision was made after the management received 8000 requests for a movie theater where smoking pot would be allowed.

The manager Mr. Boratoni said :

All of the movies shown in Theater will be R – rated. You can can actually enjoy a movie while smoking pot and have a very relaxing experience. People are very excited to have a smoking theater where they can pass joints and relax.

The concession stand will be stocked with the regular hot dogs, popcorn, candies, nachos, pizzas and Hostess Twinkies.

Mr. Boratoni also said, “Most probably the “Theater 13” will be turned into the “Pot Palladium” at the beginning stages, but they plan to convert all the theaters (one-by-one) into friendly smoking theaters. The first cannabis theater/cinema will be opened by the end of September 15, 2015.

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