Wendy’s Exposed for Using Horse Meat !



Nashville, TN – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has report that during inspection of Wendy’s traces of equine(Horse) DNA strains were found.

Wendy’s Chief Executive Director Boris said…

We only use about 60% beef, the rest is made of meat fillers mostly equine(Horse) meat. Using this type of meat is a cheaper expense for us, allowing us to competitively price our food while been profitable at the same time. What we are doing is not illegal or unhealthy. The FDA has approved the contents of the meat.

Horse meat has been used as a delicacy in some countries like China and South Africa, however it is taboo in the United States. Many people consider horses as pets and the consumption of horse meat is along the likes of consuming dog meat which is looked down upon by most Americans.

Wendy’s is not the only fast food chain busted for using illegal meat as a beef supplement. Burger King was also exposed.

Chief Exec Director Boris  said…

“You guys have been eating and it was yummy and delicious. Why stop now”?

So ask yourself this, will you still eat Wendy’s famous chili knowing its strange contents?

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