Raw Meat in Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

raw meat in sandwich

Everyone is familiar with Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich, the “original” Spicy Chicken. It delicious until a few days ago Michael Wright found raw meant in sandwich.

Wright and his friends went to Wendy’s ordered a burger and two of the spicy chicken sandwiches, paid and headed home.

“We get home and start eating, Halfway through the meal my roommate, who ordered the other spicy chicken, yells ‘EWWWWW!!’ and slowly pulls back with a look of horror on his face,” Wright said.

“I asked him what is wrong and he turned his sandwich around to reveal a nice thick pink band in the center of the sandwich.” That’s right, it’s RAW. At first he thought someone spit in his food because of the texture, but then he realizes it’s raw meat.

At that point they had both eaten about half of their sandwiches. Two hours later Wright reports that they both started vomiting, and having indigestion which continued through the night and to the next morning.

Appalled that Wendy’s would even serve them food in this condition, he called customer relations and filed a formal complaint. Wendy’s responded and offered him “coupons” and explained that late at night these type of “discrepancies” sometimes happen.

Wright explained to them that after receiving the food in this kind of condition, there is no way he planned on eating there ever again and rejected their coupon offer. The representative said sorry, but that’s all they could offer him.

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