Skittles Exposed for using Cocaine


The popular confectionery Skittles” a fruit-flavoured sweet is currently being investigated for allegedly using cocaine to make their Skittles.

The factories were exposed after FDA Inspectors unexpectedly decided to inspect all Skittles factories nationwide.

Te factory was filled with “cocaine everywhere”,  and skittles batches. “It was like that wolf of Wall Street movie all over again” said FDA Inspector Hugh Jordan.

cocaine in sweetCocaine was being used to make Skittles to bring addiction to their customers, Customers who buy and eat the Skittles will then oddly find themselves addicted to the candy. Since Skittles are made with large amounts of sugar, consumers will not be able to tell whether it is the sugar or drugs.

The FDA has agreed to shut down all the factories that participated in the use of illegal drugs to produce their Skittles. Authorities say it is impossible to tell which bags have been loaded with cocaine. That being the case, all Skittles products will be taken off shelves nationwide within the next few days.

Skittles is estimated to resume production within the next few months, after all factories have been cleaned of illegal drugs and unlabeled ingredients.

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