Girl Dies From Asphyxiation After Falling Asleep in Waist Trainer

waist trainer

A girl aged 26, Leslie Deluca, was found dead in her apartment this morning after apparently falling asleep in a waist trainer.

The waist trainer was way too tight, especially to fall asleep in. Authorities believe she happened to fall asleep accidentally, rather than intentionally fall asleep with her waist trainer.

“This is the 10th death this week due to waist trainers” says Gayana Jefferson, an employee at the morgue where Leslie’s body has been transferred after she was pronounced dead, Doctor William Berdal says “When something is too tight around the waist for a long period of time, the normal lung capacity will greatly decrease and eventually lead to asphyxiation, very preventable, but nonetheless tragic”.

Doctors believe Leslie suffocated to death about 9 hours into her sleep. Authorities issued a warning on the hazards of waist trainers, especially falling asleep with them on.

Do you actively wear a waste trainer? Be sure to take breaks from it at a maximum of 7 hours.

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