Lamar Odom Faked Near Death Experience To Win Back Khloe Kardashian

fake death

LOS ANGELES – Lamar Odom has reportedly admitted that the entire apparent near death was all a lie. Lamar admitted that he was never near dying; he did it to win back the love of Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital after apparently consuming a deadly combination of cocaine and sexual stimulants, Lamar Odom was confirmed to be in critical condition and very close to death.

Lamar Odom confessed, “It was all a stunt to get the attention of Khloe. The hospital’s doctors and nurses were paid “a ton of money” to play along with his fake near death experience.”

“I’m sorry y’all” Lamar Odom told reporters, “I wasn’t even close to dying. I was in the hospital bed laughing in my head because all the visitors thought I was actually dying. I even heard a few people talking sh*t about me, thinking I wasn’t listening but I was. The most disturbing sh*t I heard was Bruce[Jenner] talking about how cute I looked almost dead, that n*gga crazy” finished Lamar.

Khloe Kardashian refused to speak to the press about Lamar’s true motives. We won’t be surprised if Lamar Odom later “overdoses on marijuana” and lands himself in hospital in critical condition. You got us good, Lamar.

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