Drake Says I Was Possessed By A Gay Demon During The “Hotline Bling” Music Video

drake music video

TORONTO – The internet went crazy with memes and jokes, after the release of Drake’s hit single ‘Hotline Bling’ music video. Drake was featured in the hotline bling video letting loose with his dance moves.

Many memes including Drake dancing to bachata, salsa, merengue, and even playing tennis were made. A very colorful and entertaining video of course, however, was it really Drake performing in the music video? According to Drake himself, He claims that he was possessed by a demon during the filming of the video, specifically a gay demon, and that it wasn’t really him dancing like that… it was the demon.

“I don’t remember ever dancing like that” Drake told reporters, “I don’t remember any of the filming at all. The last thing I remember before it was finished was me heading towards the studio in my car. I would never dance like that, I must have been possessed by a demon. And looking back at the video, It must have been a gay one” finished Drake.

According to James Felty, who is a reverend and biblical scholar: “Demons can possess a human being if he is not spiritually protected by Christ, and these demons can have different natures, including suicidal, violent, and even homosexual. And after watching the Hotline Bling video, It is completely possible that Drake was possessed by a gay demon”.

Whether or not Drake was actually possessed during the filming of Hotline Bling, we still think the video was pretty nice after all.

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