High School Senior Arrested For Having A “Smelly Vagina”

high school

FLORIDA – This morning when students came to the high school there was a smell that was only described as “rotten dead fish” & “cheap weave”. 18-year-old student was arrested for lewd misconduct on school grounds which is a class A Misdemeanor.

“If this funky bi*** was a minor that’d be something different, but this a grown a** woman running around smelling like a fish market, we had to evacuate the entire school and have it fumigated” Said principal Connors at Crossland High School in Folksville, Florida.

A student said: “There was a time when I would’ve dragged my balls through a football field covered in used syringes and needles and burning coals just to even get a chance to hear her fart through a walkie-talkie she was that sexy to me. But he changed his tune when he exited his homeroom class and was quoted as saying:

“I thought it was a dead body, I mean that sh** smelled like someone crawled up her cooter and died bruh, I gotta go home and take 3 showers, she should get atleast 3 years in my opinion”

Reporter caught up with her in the back of the police car and she said: “The truth is I had sex on Monday and the condom was still in me today, so it’s not my fault Adrian is to blame he shoulda went raw like he always does”

Ms. Dillard was released and has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting her next court date.

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