Khloe Kardashian Pregnant By James Harden


LOS ANGELES – Khloe Kardashian is knocked up.  According to pregnancy report Khloe Kardashian is 4 weeks pregnant with James Harden’s baby.

Khloe has been itching for kids for a while, seeing fertility specialists with ex Lamar Odom. And we all know how that turned out…

Khloe is pregnant, but rumors are swirling about who the father is. Lamar Odom is the likely candidate, but Khloe and James have been spending nights together recently.

The father turned mother, Caitlyn Jenner took Khloe to their family doctor who confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. Khloe stated that she wants to surprise James with the amazing news.

Khloe also mentioned that James and her are looking to buy a new home for there future family somewhere in LA.


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