Kylie Jenner Plans To Become A Man To Honor Her Father Caitlyn Jenner

kylie becomes a man

Bruce Jenner has stayed in the spotlight ever since his rise to fame at the 1976 Summer Olympics. Born a man, Bruce Jenner spent an estimated $4 million on her transformation from a man to a woman, Caitlyn Jenner.

It was only a matter of time before Kylie Jenner began her transition from an young lady to an unnatural man, and that day has finally come. Kylie Jenner plans to transform into a man.

In an exclusive interview she said:

“I have always been very confused with my gender identity, God gave me the soul of a man. My brain is much more man than it is female. That’s what my soul is. Kylie lives a lie. I can’t do it anymore. Call me Kevin”

According to reports the first transformation surgery will be on August 14, 2015, and it will be to attach a donated pen*s to her private area. Kylie also desires to be called Kevin Jenner, rather than Kylie Jenner.

“Its the best way to honor my father and family, I don’t want to sit home and do nothing, I am on a mission to change the thinking of people, and make the difference”

Currently there are no statements from Kendall, Caitlyn, or Tyga, but we expect to hear from them very soon. Experts believe that Tyga will most likely NOT stop seeing Kylie because of his love for Transe*uals.

Why Kardashians are famous, and who is Kylie real father?

Robert Kardashian (father of Khloe, Kourtney, Robert and Kim) became famous for being O.J. Simpsons lawyer. After divorcing Robert Kardashian, Kris (the mother) married Bruce Jenner who was in the world Olympics. Bruce is also a producer, writer, motivational speaker and sports commentator. And obviously everyone knows Kim Kardashian is famous for her s*x tape with rapper Ray J.

According to medical reports Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn Jenner isn’t Kylie’s biological father. But the mother Kris Jenner denies.

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