Woman Claims “Dirty Gloves” Made Her Pregnant After Cavity Search

cavity search

TEXAS – A woman claims that she has been impregnated by a highway patrol officer during a cavity search.

Jessica smith, 33, a single mother of two is suing the local police department for $250,000 as she claims the officer performed a cavity search which got her pregnant.

According to her police statement she claims that after she protested the officer had no right to search her or her car and pulled out a copy of the U.S. Constitution, invoking her right to remain silent unless she was being accused of a crime; the officer went to perform the search with dirty gloves.

She also told the lawyer that the officer did not change gloves before searching and she believes that the officer might have been “jack*ng off” with the gloves on before searching her.

police search
Jessica Smith, a 33-year old woman from Texas, claims she has been impregnated after a male officer possibly used “Dirty gloves” to perform a cavity search.

Jessica Smith’s lawyer John Blake said:

I believe this is very strange and one of a kind but plausible case, I have never heard about this king of pregnancy before, but we will have to wait for the DNA results before we can prove the allegations of my client.

If this officer is proven guilty of using dirty/sem*n-covered gloves, and that the sem*n is proven to be his own, then he will have to care financially for this child to be born.

However, Jessica smith has announced that being a God-fearing Christian I will keep the baby and hopes DNA testing will wash away the shame this story has brought upon her.

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