Kylie Jenner Hospitalized After Her Butt Implants Deflated!

Kylie Jenner

LOS ANGELES – It is being reported that Kylie Jenner is being hospitalized after her butt implants deflated in her sleep.

Kylie Jenner was sleeping in the bed with rapper Tyga, when Tyga called the authorities…

I woke up for a bit and heard something being deflated, At first I thought Kylie was farting and sh*t, and I was like “damn you dirty b*tch”, but the fart noise went on for like 30 seconds and so I knew something was wrong, I lifted the covers and turned on the light and her a** was flat as f*ck, and She wouldn’t wake up, so i called the medics”

Kylie Jenner appears to be in temporary coma from internal bleeding within her a*s. Nurses and doctors are currently treating Kylie Jenner and trying to determine the reason for the deflation of her impants. “We are not sure, but we believe it was a result of violent an*l intercourse, there is no way the impants could have deflated for no reason.

We are aware that her unusually old boyfriend Tyga was sleeping with her when it happened, so we believe the deflation was because Tyga had an*l s3x with Kylie”, said Dr. Phillip Kolm to reporters outside of Kylie Jenner’s hospital room.

However, It is believed Kylie Jenner will recover and walk out of the hospital in about five days. To show your condolences for Kylie Jenner, tweet “#GetBetterKylie” on Twitter.

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