Drake Sends Meek Mill a Clip Of a Nicki Minaj “GETTING IT”

nicki and drake

Meek Mill vs Drake beef continues. According to reports Meek received a message from Drake with a short video clip of Drake & Nicki Minaj getting it in.

Meek released a statement saying…

I thought it was over, i even deleted the diss track from my soundcloud. Drake not playing fair, because that’s some underhanded bull, but I am not going to let him ‘Meek’ me out my girl like I did with Safaree, I’m way too smart for that he can have this one it’s all good I’m still rich and I got the baddest chick in the game.

Drake replied to Meek’s statement…

I don’t forget and don’t forgive, after I sent Meek that Clip of me getting it in with his Boo, I see he changed his tune by waving the white flag and now the beef is over. But it isn’t over yet.

Drake also sent a broadcast message to all rappers: “Never underestimate the power of the 6 God, if you take a shot at me you will end up like “Jameek” because that’s his new name now, OVO over everything.”

Nicki Minaj has reportedly told Meek she only let Drake in before and that it was all in the past and now that she’s 8 weeks pregnant he doesn’t have to worry about Drake because he’s her baby father now

What do you think about this fued?

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