Donald Trump To Make Stacey Dash His Vice President in Upcoming Election


“She’s HOT, smart, sophisticated, and she’s into older white men so it was a no brainer, with her and me on the ticket we are a deadlock to win in November”

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on choosing Stacey Dash as his running mate.

We did a poll of all white males between the ages of 40 and 65 and a whopping 85% will vote for Trump/Dash.

This comes off the heels of another poll that was done on whether or not Black males would sleep with Stacey Dash despite her racism you can see it below…

POLL:Study Shows 98% of Black Males Would Still F**k Stacey Dash Despite Her Racism

#1 COMMENT: I mean I get she don’t like her own people and what not, but what that got to do with f**king? Its whatever.” – Participant said in the study.

So what do you think is this a good idea for Trump or a fatal mistake to his campaign. Let us know in the comments.


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