Couple Hospitalized After Mistaking Super Glue With Lube

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NEW YORK – A couple lived probably one of the most embarrassing moment ever reported in a hospital this year yesterday, after checking into ER, stuck to one another in an explicit position.

Ashley Williams, 34, and Matthew Williams, 41, had to call emergency services after accidentally mistaking super glue for lubricant during intercourse.

The couple attracted the attention of dozens of patients present at the time of the scene as soon as they arrived hospital. Even though paramedics tried covering the couple with blankets, the duo was visibly stuck to one another.

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The embarrassed couple, refused to speak to journalists once discharged from the hospital, clearly uncomfortable of the incident that left them stuck to one another.

According to reports, Matthew allegedly told paramedics that he was passionate and that in the rush of things, he accidentally took a tube of super glue instead of his lubricant tube, both having similar shapes. The couple noticed the mistake barely 15 seconds later, but it was already too late.

A very delicate surgery that lasted a little over 2 hours was needed to separate the couple, who luckily will be walking out of their misfortune more shaken than hurt, suffering only from minor injuries.

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