Trump Supporters Die From New Internet Viral Trend “Plastic Bag Challenge”


Multiple deaths have been reported across United States due to a new Internet trend taken up by Donald Trump supporters. The “Plastic Bag Challenge” has gone viral, since it started by a page on Facebook encouraging these Republican “radicals” for Trump to show their support for their candidate.

Unfortunately, this internet challenge is turning fatal and emergency medical teams across the country are asking to “please, stop putting bags over your heads!”

“When you put a bag over your head, you cut off the oxygen supply that your brain needs function,” said EMT Jeff Smith. “This strange internet trend has already taken the lives of three people in Dallas County. Please America! Please stop!”

Smith reports three deaths, but there have also been at least 40 injuries alone in his county. Many have passed out, hit their heads, and are being treated for minor concussions and abrasions.

new challenge

Several supporters of the Democratic Party have claimed responsibility for starting this challenge, knowing that Trump supporters in the southern states are “dumb enough” to try it. “We knew Trump supporters were dumb enough to try this challenge, that’s why we started it and spread it across the Internet,” said a Democratic supporter who wished to remain anonymous.

“They actually started doing it. I mean, we knew they were followers, blind followers at that, but I was actually shocked to see how many picked up on the trend. They’ll believe anything sponsored by Donald Trump!”

When asked if he felt bad for starting a trend that has caused harm to so many people, the anonymous Democrat had this to say. “Hell no I don’t feel bad. It just proves my point. If you put Donald Trump’s name behind it, his supporters will do anything! If he’s elected and he tells them to attack a certain race…. well, get ready. It’s coming.”

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