McDonald’s Gets ‘Ghetto’ Makeover, Rich aren’t Lovin’ it

The fast food chain gets a “GHETTO MAKEOVER”.

cheap resturant

McDonald’s has drawn complaints from customers because of its new decor featuring graffiti. The fast food restaurant was closed for two weeks for the industrial-style makeover.

Surrey graffiti: Rich are disappointed by the factory-like theme.

But locals voiced their disdain for the new look when they spotted the graffiti-covered walls and factory-like theme.

Local Simon Pinto said: “It doesn’t really give the right impression. All my life I have been working my a** off to get out of “ghettos” and these stupid mother-f***ers think this makeover is good.”

Tyler Welmans added: “The new McDonalds seems to have come pre-vandalised.”

“‘Welcome to the ghetto, may I take your order please?'”

new mcdonalds
Fresh prints: The ghetto fast food restaurant has been blasted by rich people.

ghetto fast food

The walls of the restaurant are covered in prints of metal rivets while it has been spray-painted graffiti with slogans such as ‘peace.’

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We were surprised to hear this feedback as the restaurant team have received many compliments about the recent refurbishment, mostly from the rich people, But the ghettos are LOVI’N IT. So far, we have ZERO complain about the makeover or graffiti from them.”

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