Bruce Jenner in Bikini – First Post Surgery Photo Goes Viral

bruce jenner in bikini

Bruce Jenner released his very first picture in bikini after a surgery which has transformed him into a woman. The picture has already gone viral on social media.

The ex-wife Kris Jenner told reporters :

We got many offers, FOX News, Comcast and Netflix wanted this very first bikini photo of Bruce Jenner being transformed into a women. In-fact we even fielded an offers from many directors and producers who wanted to film the entire thing in IMAX 3D. But we decided that the best way to reach out to our fans was to post it on Facebook.

The former Olympic Gold Medalist in 1976 William Bruce Jenner has spent his life on the fringes of popularity. His track records were over shadowed by Nadia Comaneci’s Perfect 10 in gymnastics that year, and then his records were beaten the following Olympics.

He wanted to have a successful career, he started acting but briefly replaced Erik Estrada on the TV Show CHiPs, but nobody watched that season, the ratings dropped all of a sudden and Mattel never bothered to design an action figure for him.

In the 2000’s he surged back into the media as the step-dad for the entire Kardashian Clan in which he basically drank and hobbled through the first few seasons only to find himself edited out more often than not.

But now he’s on fire.

After his recent divorce from Kris, the world as shocked when he announced that he is a WOMAN. and he wants to be treated like one. He went through surgeries and got Implants which many people did not likes because of “them were extremely huge” He is currently testing different sizes, but according to a very close friend of Kardashian family, he wants to look more attractive than Kim Kardashian.

He is, as of now, the most visible transgender person in the world.

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