Jaden Smith “Caitlyn Jenner Helped Me Come Out as a Transgender”

According to latest Hollywood reports, Jaden Smith has decided to come out the closet. Jaden Smith says he is inspired by Caitlyn Jenner to be who he really is. He decided to pose for Louie Vuitton’s women’s wear ad campaign rocking high heels, a dress and a matching purse.

He released a statement to the press:

“I don’t see gender!! it’s all about being yourself, if I wanna be a boy today and a girl tomorrow it doesn’t matter I’m still me, so world get ready for JadEena, she’s coming soon”

jaden smith

We really shouldn’t be surprised by this given the fact that Jayden or should I say Jadeena has been dropping hints about his sexuality over the years.

So will you support Jadeena as a young girl in her decision to become transgender?


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