“A Beer a Day Keeps The Doctor Away” Says 110-Year-Old Man

oldest man alive
Mark Behrends (center) with family members at his 110th birthday celebration on May 16. (Photo courtesy of Omaha World-Herald)

NEBRASKA – The oldest man in United States; Mark Behrends, 110, says his habit of drinking one can of beer every day is reason why he’s lived so long.

“He always joked that that was his medicine since he takes very little medicine,” daughter Lois Bassinger said.

Behrends said that he doesn’t even notice his age. He lived independently and drove regularly until he was 106.

Health studies and meta-analyses have pointed to a relationship between moderate alcohol consumption and lower risk of coronary heart disease.

So, maybe if you drink a beer daily, you might live for long. But heavy alcohol consumption is definitely bad for you. It’s best to limit your weekly alcohol consumption.

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