The Latest Internet Challenge The #BoobLuge

the new challenge

You have seen a lot of viral, weird crazes and challenges that have captivated the internet over the years including planking, dog shaming, Tebowing, Lion Kinging, Quidditching, owling, horsemaning, coning, the Harlem Shake, Vadering, the condom challenge and the ice bucket challenge.

NOW #BoobLuge is the most viral and greatest social media undertaking of all-time

The boobluge is based on the ice-luge where you pour alcohol down an angled ice block and drink the frosty liquor at the bottom. However, the boobluge is far better than the ice luge because glorious, squishy female breasts are superior to ice for slurping alcohol off of.

Beer or alcohol is poured down the chest of woman and man puts their chin between the female’s gazongas and awaits for the nectar 🙂 then sops up with their open mouth.

R.I.P. Body shots, you had a long and illustrious run, but boobluge just came out of nowhere and murdered you.

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