Woman Shot For Sending “Too Many” Game Invites On Facebook

candy crush

PHILADELPHIA – Angela Gardner, age 35, was shot in both her legs by friend for sending “TOO MANY” games requests on facebook.

Angela, described as “always playing candy crush” is currently being treated in the emergency room in critical condition.

The gunman, 26 year old Kenneth Bailor is currently in custody and will face charges of attempted murder. Kenneth Bailor tells investigators “I expecting a notification from bae but instead i was getting game invites from Angela” he supposedly asked Angela Gardner to stop sending him game requests but she never stopped.

He claims he even blocked her and she still sent him game invites. Bailor says “Its like she was asking to be killed”.

A close friend of Angela, Allison Smith said :

“She played candy crush way too much, she was getting annoying, it’s not that surprising that someone shot her, believe it or not”.

It is reported Angela sent Kenneth and almost all her friends an average of 14 candy crush invites daily to all of her friends. Nurses reported that Angela, although, barely alive and well, asked for her iPhone so she can play “one more round of candy crush before I die”.

It is currently not known if Angela will survive the gunshot wounds, but it is obvious that she believes her life is over.

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