Man on Crystal Meth Climbs 35-Story Building to Flee From Cops

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St. Louis, Missouri – Jonathan Gleem a 26-year old crystal meth dealer and lab operator, fled from St. Louis officers and climbed a 35-story downtown building with his bear hands in a police chase that lasted more than 5 hours.

He was first intercepted by police officers during a crystal meth lab bust, but managed to twist himself out of the grasp of two police officers before taking a dash for the streets where he eventually was cornered by several police cars.

It is believed that the man was under the influence of crystal meth at the time of the bust, eventually managed to start climbing the 35-story building to the amazement of police officers and local by-standers.

Police officer James Joyce said:

I don’t know what they put in those drugs, but what the man was doing was completely insane. He climbed that building with such speed, I was wondering if we weren’t chasing some kind of wild animal

The suspect managed to jump from rooftop to rooftop before he threw himself into an apartment window and eventually blacked out.

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26-year old crystal meth lab operator managed to climb a 35-story building with his bare hands, and under the influence of crystal meth, while trying to flee from police officers.

A local witness Penney Sue Gibbins said :

It was crazy, I thought they were shooting a movie or something, He was jumping from rooftop to rooftop like he was a superhero. When he threw himself from the rooftop of one building and through that window, I was sure he’d be dead – she adds, visibly traumatized.

St. Louis police arrested six people and seized nearly 5,000 grams of crystal meth during the bust, the recent drug seizure estimated to be worth about $800,000.

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