Woman Becomes Viral Superstar After Trying To Bribe Police With £4 and Flashes Bum

woman giving money to police

This woman’s attempt to bribe police out of a drink driving incident has made her an absolute viral sensation.

A video has been released of 18 year-old Mexican woman, named as Lorena Daniela Aguirre, after she was pulled over by police for ploughing into a row of cars, The Mirror reports.

The young woman was less than impressed when she was stopped, and quickly offered up a 100 peso (£4) bribe to the officer. The bribe money was refused but the young woman tried again, and again – and again.

But it’s pretty obvious that things don’t go Aguirre’s way.

money cops

She also flashes her behind while being dragged away by police. Possibly as a last attempt at a bribe.

young drunk girl

Watch the full thing here (skip to 1:27 to see the damage and her attempt at a bribe):

Since going viral, the woman has come to be known as ‘Lady 100 pesos’ and she’s already been trending on Twitter.

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