The Feral Child – A Boy Raised by Kangaroos Discovered in Australia

Child raised by kangaroos

AUSTRALIA – Police have captured a young boy in a who had apparently been living with a group on kangaroos in the wild.

The feral kid was taken into custody by authorities from Broken hill city which is an isolated city in the far west of New South Wales.

Over the last few months many locals and ranchers reported the sighting of a boy with kangaroos. The child had been seen with a mob of red kangaroos, which seemed to have adopted him as one of their own.

This morning federal police were finally able to capture the child. He was immediately taken to the hospital and was placed under the custody of agents from the Department of Child Protection.

Australian Federal Police Commander, Glen McEwen said :

We don’t know that actual age of the child, but we are trying to find all the information related to him. The boy is extremely nervous and aggressive when approached by humans. His capture was quite complicated, especially since the kangaroos became vicious when we approached to capture the child. We had to “tranquilize” four of the adult marsupials using darts filled with sedatives, before we could get to the child. We made sure we don’t injure him during the operation.

wild kangaroos with kid
The kangaroos accompanying the child were very aggressive towards the AFP officers when they approached the young boy. Many of them even attacked the policemen, forcing the officers to use tranquilizing darts.

It is still unknown for how long the young boy was allegedly traveling and living with kangaroos. However, the way group of more than 15 kangaroos reacted while operation makes it clear that they had adopted him and was protecting him from humans.

One ranchers had reported seeing him around their property, scavenging various fallen fruits, seeds and nuts. Another man from Sliverton even claimed to have seen him on his property, grazing fresh grasses and forbs with other kangaroos.

“The boy have adopted most of the habits of kangaroos. He seems to have spent most of his day, resting in the shade, coming out at night to gather food and find some water” – said Commander McEwen.

AFP Commander Glen McEwen
AFP Commander, Glen McEwen, admitted that he was very skeptical when he had received the first reports concerning a feral child near Broken Hill. “I really thought it was a hoax” he told reporters. “In fact, I had doubts until I saw the boy myself.”

Apparently the age of boy is between 5-7 years old, and seems surprisingly healthy considering the fact that he was living in the wild with animals. He suffers obvious signs of malnutrition, as well as severe sunburns, but he seems to be in rather good shape.

Currently he is under medical examination to determine precisely his physical and mental condition. It seems the boy doesn’t understand any human language and is visibly scared of other humans, suggesting he could have been living in the wild for many years.

He tends to react violently when approached by humans, so his rehabilitation is expected to be a long and difficult process.

The Australian Federal Police is investigation to determine the identity of the child and how he end up in the wild. They are asking anyone who could possess information which could be useful in the case, to contact the AFP.

This is not the first time when human has been raised by animals. There have been many case around the world that human kids been raised in the wild by animals for years, until someone rescues them.

1. Raised by monkey

Marina Chapman raised by monkey

Marina Chapman says she was kidnapped when she was 5 year old, probably for ransom, but was then abandoned in the Colombian jungle. For some five years, she lived out in the wild. The animals taught young Marina how to catch birds and rabbits with her bare hands, so she was able to survive.

2. Raised by goats

raised by goats

A toddler who had been locked in a room with goats by his mother was discovered by a social worker in Russia. The boy reportedly played and slept with the goats, but nourishment was apparently hard to come by as he weighed a third less than a typical child of his age.

4. Raised by wild cats

goat boy

1-year-old boy was discovered by Argentinean police surrounded by eight wild cats. The cats reportedly kept the boy alive during the freezing winter nights by laying on top of him and even tried to lick the crusted mud from his skin.

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