Koalas Rescued from Animal Brothel in Australia

koala rescue in australia

PINJARRA, AUSTRALIA – Federal agents have arrested more than 40 people from a privately owned petting zoo yesterday, over allegations of bestiality and animal cruelty.

According to authorities the private petting zoo was being monitored for last few weeks; suspected for running a underground animal brothel, where customers/clients pay for s*xual services with animals.

The 67-year old farm owner was arrested with two of his sons and some 40 guests who were present for an all-night party.

The Federal police caught all the party goers in full action; the raid engaged more than 16 agents in what local officials believe to be the biggest crack down on an animal cruelty in Australia’s history.

The poor animals were forced into se*ual acts with clients,l before being rescued.

Local authorities fear a recrudescence in s*xual deviant behavior with animals in the region since this is the third animal brothel to be closed down in recent months in the area.

Psychologist Dane Banff said :

We can’t explain why humans wants to do strange things to animals; But if human beings unleash their wildest fantasies in such a context, even though illegal, might prevent such abuses as r*pe from being committed.

But at the same time, having se*ual relations with koalas and other animals is not considered to be a healthy behavior and should not be encouraged – she acknowledges.

The farmer and his sons could face up to five years in prison expect legal experts.

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