Serena Williams Confirmed Pregnant with Drake’s Child


It was only a little while ago when they were seen making out and now things are getting hotter!!

The tennis pro Serena Williams was caught locking lips with Drake. The rapper has been unattached for a while, but those romance rumors are on again.

According to a very close friend of Serena Williams; “She is in fact pregnant with Drake’s Child.”

It happened the night couple decided not to use protection and now Serena is visibly showing a baby bump and refuses to be seen in public.

It is also confirmed that when Drake was busy dissing Meek Mill, Meek knocked out Serena Williams during their secret dating.

Member of drakes Ovo camp confirmed that Drake has his first child on the way by saying:

“I knew it was serious when he told me ‘Hotline Bling’ was made for Serena and everytime she calls she’s the only one that has that ringtone, he said he’s gonna put a sonogram picture of his future son on the cover of his next album Views from the 6 to let everyone know he’s a father, We are all excited for him”

Serena Williams wants to quit tennis and wants to settle down and start a family. Serena William’s dad also confirmed her pregnancy rumors. He stated that “She is hiding something that could affected her game.”

The future is not bright for Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams. They are not getting any younger, and need to find some other form of making money before their bodies will no longer withstand the force of the court.

As Serena Williams enters into her 30s, the body will not react as quickly as the 20 year old tennis stars and the time to hit the court will begin to fade. This is the time and reason we finally get to see a Serena Williams pregnancy.

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