President Obama Signs Polygamy Law, Men Can Have Up to 5 Wives

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has passed polygamy into law and now all men in America can now have up to 5 wives. The decision came in light of the fact that Gay marriage was legalized, therefore men should be able to have multiple wives as well.

Polygamy was illegal in United States of America. From 1847 to 1857, in what is now the state of Utah, many Mormons practiced polygamy in defiance of the widespread view in the rest of the US. The US federal government threatened The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and made polygamy illegal.


Nearly fifty countries permit polygamous marriages to be performed within their jurisdiction. These are either Muslim countries or in Africa. In the Middle East and Northern Africa, polygyny is widespread with the exception of Israel, Turkey and Tunisia.

Among American Muslims, more than 250,000 to 500,000 people are estimated to live in families with a husband maintaining an illegal polygamous relationship.

Obama released a statement:

“I believe it’s time we allow players, pimps and all men who have a taste for several women to be able to marry them all and live in peace just like the Gays, we all have a right to marry who we love and those that choose the polygamist lifestyle are no different they have rights too”

Polygamy Law in USA

The law will go into effect in 2017 so mark your calendars pimpin.✌?️

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