Burger King’s Black Halloween Whopper Reportedly Turning Skin Color ‘Black’ and Poop ‘Green’

black bun

Burger King added ‘The Halloween Whopper’ to its menu, a limited-edition black bun burger available throughout the month of October. Turns out, there may be an unintentional trick to Burger King’s new Halloween treat.

The ‘Halloween Whopper’ is limited-edition black bun burger with a secret ingredient for extra flavor. According to reports, the secret ingredient in the black bun burger is turning their skin color to ‘Black’ and poop to ‘vivid green’.

Since the release of the Halloween Whopper, there have been a total of 36 cases across the U.S where the skin of the consumer has turned from Caucasian to Black. An estimated 0.001% of Halloween Whopper consumers have been affected by this odd change of skin color. Individuals who were once light skinned, have now permanently turned dark skinned. These individuals also found there poop to be a vivid green color when using the bathroom.

“I ate three of those black whoppers and the next day just woke up and looked in the mirror and I was black. I also took a sh*t and it was all green” says Jasson Smith, A victim of the mysterious Halloween Whopper. “I went from Drake to Akon in a matter of hours.” finished Jason as she began to cry.

burger king
Before and after picture of Mr. Jasson, who ate Burger King’s Halloween Whopper and his color turned black.

The FDA discovered that the whopper is not dyed black with ordinary food coloring as Burger King announced, but rather dyed with extremely high amounts of black ink, enough to turn your skin black within a few days. Experts say ordinary food coloring could not turn the bread black as Burger King wanted, so they proceeded to use Black ink(secret ingredient).

“It’s like getting a huge tattoo” says Dr. Rose Gabriell, “The amount of ink they use in a single whopper is sixteen times the amount it takes to complete your average arm sleeve tattoo. This also explains why consumers are suffering from diarrhea and black poop.”

black bun
Ingredient in the black bun is turning poop a vivid green color.

A spokesperson for the fast food giant told reporters that the bun contains less than 1% food dye.

The FDA is forcing Burger King to seize the production and sale of the Halloween Whopper. However, It may take up to a few days for the Whopper to vanish from stores. If you’ve ate a Halloween Whopper in the last few days, be advised that your skin color can change dramatically because of the black ink used in the ingredients.

Burger King first introduced the black burger in Japan last year, using bamboo charcoal to give the bun its black hue. The American equivalent does not use bamboo charcoal.


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