NEW LAW : Men Have The Right To Terminate Wife’s Pregnancy

Supreme court

The USA Supreme Court is expected to vote on a controversial law, which would extend pregnancy rights to men. As is, men are expected to care for, and financially support children they father, even if they do not wish to go through with the pregnancy.

Prior to the pregnancy, men have the right to avoid conceiving an unplanned pregnancy. After one’s wife or girlfriend conceives, men generally have very few rights. It is the women’s sole choice whether or not she wants to go through with an abortion, with men having no legal right to block or force the process. The Supreme Court is aiming to rectify this unbalanced law, and afford men the same right to terminate the pregnancy as women.

Though there are many hurdles to climb, the law would allow married men to terminate the pregnancy of his wife, even if she does not consent.

Parenting authority Armin Brott, who has written many books concerning fatherhood, stated, “A woman can legally deprive a man of his right to become a parent or force him to become one against his will”.

Justin Peribue, a Democrat from Kentucky, stated he fully supports this law. “For too long women alone have been able to decide what is in the best interest of both the man and the woman,” he stated. “Women often abort children against the wishes of the father, and birth children the father does not want. He is then expected to care for this child, and is even jailed if he refuses to do so. This broken system has need to be reworked for ages now. I am happy to see someone is finally doing something about it.”


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