Girlfriend Beats Boyfriend for Turning Down S3X

women beats boyfriend

CHICAGO – Stephanie Miller, 26 has been arrested for battering her boyfriend when he refused to have s3x in the men’s bathroom at an El Burrito Loco restaurant.

Miller’s boyfriend, Matthew Slattery, told cops that he and Miller left Sullivan’s Irish Pub “after Stephanie began throwing sandwiches in the bar.” The couple then walked across the street to El Burrito Loco for dinner.

He told police that he was in the Mexican eatery’s bathroom when Miller entered and began taking off her clothes. While stripping, Miller was “asking Matthew to have s3x with her,”.

When Slattery declined to engage in 8 PM bathroom s3x at a burrito joint, Miller allegedly “became upset and struck Matthew’s head off the wall while he was utilizing the restroom.”

When officers subsequently arrived at the restaurant, Miller–who appeared “heavily intoxicated”–was sitting on the bathroom floor.

Miller was charged with domestic battery  and is locked up on $75,000 bail.

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