Model Shares ‘Di*k Pic’ On Social Media To Highlight Online Abuse

I’m a little ruined.

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The London-based Model Stina Sanders is now speaking out about online sex pests. 24-year-old Sanders revealed that she receives ‘inappropriate messages every day’, and to highlight that fact she even shared one guy’s ‘di*k pic’ accompanied by her priceless reply.

She wrote:

I’m really sorry, but I don’t want to see your pen*s!

If you think this is an original way to break the ice, you’d be wrong. I receive erect pen*s images at least three times a week. Yes you read that correctly. At least three times a week, I receive an unwanted di*k pic…

You wouldn’t get your pen*s out in public (although if you do please seek help) so why send me a photo? Flashing someone is harassment and I believe receiving an inappropriate image without consent, is also harassment. Your swollen gherkin isn’t going to make me land on my knees and beg you to be the father of my child. It’s going to make me turn on my heel and run in the opposite direction. Your photo is disrespectful and insulting to my eyes. Not even Supersavers can save me now!

The picture has received a large amount of feedback. This has included some users who believe that she ‘deserves’ the harassment.

Tomjay1987 wrote: “You deserve every di*k image coming your way. If you pose in underwear, what do you expect?”

Emeddis92 also piped up, saying: “You can’t post these inviting photos and then complain when you get these types of photos back. It’s not harassment if you want it!”

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