People Are Destroying Their Self-Worth Depending On Likes To Feel Love

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People are addicted to social media like drugs, itching for it the moment they roll out of bed. The moral code of our society is being reshaped right before our eyes, and everything we stand for is slipping out from underneath our feet.

When did “likes” become more important than love?

The worst thing that can happen in life is a lack of love. And the essence of love has been depleted in value and twisted into a commercially sold product.

We no longer appreciate how beautiful love can be, as it’s been clouded by a world that is promoting thick thighs, and thigh gaps, and how closely you can get to Kylie Jenner’s lips.

Little girls are being raised to seek self-love from men, relying on their counterparts to give them the worth they deserve.
The worst thing is we’ll never even end up happy or satisfied with the self-worth we receive from these attachments.

We cling to them with the hope that, some day, things may be different — that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel.

But there is no silver lining when love is artificial.

Every single one of us experiences shame.

Women view each other as competition, fiercely casting shade at those whom they see unfit. Men size each other up to determine who is more physically able and masculine.

We’re taught from a young age to slut-shame, fat-shame, skinny-shame and shame anyone who doesn’t look, or walk, or talk exactly like us.

Being unique is not considered a quality attribution, even if that’s what society would like us to believe.Instead, the same mediocre standards are forced down our throats, and we’re told that the same product repackaged in 45 million ways is original and authentic.

We seek out the wrong forms of beauty and goals, and crush anyone else’s we see as being different from ours.

Your self-worth is in yourself, not your selfie.

There’s still a way for us to pull ourselves out from under the thumbs of a society that profits off our addiction and deprecation.

We can rid ourselves of the need to upload every moment in our life by placing an emphasis on the experience instead of the photograph.

Our love should come from the people we can touch and feel in person and not just double tap on a tablet. Our real hearts are the ones that should be sought for, rather than the ones that flash for a quick moment in front of us.

Love is something you can never fully document on a social media profile. We will never be able to receive the same reward, the same satisfaction from our devices and apps that we can from within our own hearts.

Once we understand our love and self-worth won’t be found online, we can begin to unlock life’s true potential.

We need to let go of the habits that continue to destroy us. We need to seek the love and beauty inside of us before we search for it somewhere else.

When we begin to see the beauty in ourselves before anything else, we’ll learn how to see the rest of the world in that same way.

Kathy Ferreiro

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