Man Using “Free Jordans” Van To Abduct Teenagers Arrested

free jordans

A man with a black van with “free jordans” printed on the side of the van has been arrested for kidnappings of four black teenagers.

Kidnappings have been reported throughout the city of Philadelphia since around mid-February. Since then, a total have four teens have been reported missing, all of whom where black.

Authorities have been investigating the disappearances of the four teens for the past few weeks and finally came across something that caught their eye. The officers stumbled upon a black van with “free jordans” printed on the side of the van, which raised suspicion to the officers.

The officers then proceeded to get closer to the van. “We heard muffled screams coming from inside the van” says Officer Van Carston, “We knew something weird was going on, I mean, who gives free J’s?”. After hearing the screams coming from inside the van, the officers broke the windows to get inside and found the four teens that had been missing since February, along with a large collection of sneakers.

Among the teens rescued were James Coney 13, Jamal Young 14, Henry Duckworth 14, and Tyquan Kendricks 16. Authorities also managed to catch the owner of the vehicle, 42 year-old Benjamin Salau.

Reporters managed to get an interview with Tyqan Kendricks, one of the boys who was rescued:

“I can’t believe this man, I seen free J’s written on the side of that van and thought oh sh*t, lowkey this legit as f*ck, so I knocked on old dudes door and he came out and leaded me inside his van, this n*gga had a collection of legit OG’s my n*gga, then he immediately tazed me and I couldn’t move anymore, so he tied me up and put something on my mouth so I couldn’t talk no more. Lowkey yall shouldn’t have saved me man, I rather be in that van with all them OG’s bruh, sh*t was the best experience”.

The four teenagers have been delivered safely to their respective families. As for Benjiman Salau, he could face up to 15 years in federal prison for child abduction if found guilty.

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