Man on Crystal Meth Bites People in a Walmart Store

OHIO | A naked man was arrested in Walmart this morning when he randomly bit dozens of customers while barking and screaming.

29-year old Michael Kruger entered the store naked and visibly intoxicated around 9:30 AM this morning. He immediately began running around, jumping on some of the customers and biting them.

Davis Ruth, a Walmart employee who witnessed the attack, says the aggressor looked like he was possessed.

“He was running around naked like a maniac. He was drooling a lot and biting people. He looked like a rabid animal. He kept barking like a dog and yelling stuff about the Vatican being out to get him.”

Mr. Kruger bit a total of 12 people and lightly assaulted before he was finally arrested. None of the victims were severely injured.

Walmart Employee say they see many strange and funny things at work, but this was one of the oddest they have ever seen.

According to police report, Michael Kruger told investigators that he spent the entire night smoking crystal meth and had decided to walk to the Walmart to get some food.

He explained that he had taken off his clothes on the way to “get rid of the spying equipment the Vatican had planted” on him and was biting people to “make sure they’re not terminators” sent to kill him.

Mr. Kruger’s lawyer demanded that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation before the beginning of his trial.

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