Drake Says “Meek Chill..! or I’ll Release Me & Nicki S*x Tape”

drake chargedup

Rapper Drake is not letting go Meek Mill Easy… According to reports Drake have claimed that he has a video tape of him and Nicki Minaj, and he will leak the video if Meek does not chill.

Meek Mill needs to quit all that Tweetin, all he does is Tweet Sh*t…! If he really wanna see me he can come to Toronto…  but he’s a** is banned from entering Canada.

drake and nicki

Reportedly Meek have already written a response and will debut his diss track.

nicki and meek

In an interview Drake said:

All these guys are jealous of the success Ovo is having we winning and they are struggling to get a hit record. When I drop the world stops they know they can’t F*ck with me. If he keeps talking crazy I will release the S*x Tape of me and Nicki and finish him off, yea it’s all on video I ate that a** like groceries “I’m Charged up.


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