Rumors: Kim Kardashian Suffering From Ebola

Kim Kardashian Ebola test - NotAllowedto.Com

SYDNEY – Kim kardashian, the famous star went  for an Ebola Check-up during her trip to SYDNEY today. According to the reports, Kim is not feeling good these days and having several muscle pains and headache. Reporters said Kim was trying to hide her face and she went alone without any security, trying to be a common patient for the hospital.

The news spread when she was being taken to the doctors room, as people going for the Ebola Test are taken under special custody so that if they’re infected they couldn’t damage other people.  Kim gave her tests and went back home through another exit so that she she didn’t had to face the media.

What do you think about it? Is Is Kim Kardashian Suffering From Ebola? If Yes then how Ebola came upto Kim? Why she didn’t faced the media? So many questions…

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