HIV-Positive Man Intentionally Infects Over 300 Women


ALABAMAJose Fortuna a 31-year-old man caught by police for committing burglary at his friend’s house has shocked the investigators when he told them that he is suffering from a life-threatening disease(HIV) and had unprotected sex with 300 women, including several housewives, after realizing that he was infected with the HIV virus.

Dino Driver, a software engineer, called 911 alleging that burglars stole gold jewellery from his house. Mr. Dino and his wife left the city on some personal work and they realized about the burglary after returning home.

While leaving the house, Dino gave keys of his house to a group of friends with whom he parties at home when the family members were away. Jose Fortuna was also part of the group.

During investigation, Mr. Jose Fortuna confessed to have committed the offense. Police recovered the stolen items from his possession.

“He also confessed that he has been suffering from HIV disease, which he came to know about several months ago. He claimed he hired prostitutes every other day and has illicit affairs with several other women, with whom he practiced unsafe sex even after being aware of his disease,” Police Chief Said.

After realizing about his disease, he had unprotected sex with over 300 women, including some housewives, and girlfriends of his friends.

Supreme Court ruling stating that people with the virus that causes AIDS have a right to sue the sexual partner who infected them if that person either knew or suspected they had HIV and failed to warn them of the risk.

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Diseases are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. If private parts rub against your skin or you touch areas where a virus is present, infection is possible. Touch–or be touched–at your own risk.

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