Bobby Shmurda Shot Dead After Reaching for Cops Gun


NEW YORK – Shmoney Dance rapper Bobby Shmurda was arrested yesterday on drugs and guns at the infamous Quad Studios along with his rap group GS9 Gang. During transport to a prison this morning Bobby Shmurda and an unidentified member of his group reached for an officers gun to overtake the vehicle and Bobby was shot dead while the surviving member is critically injured.

“Had the number one song in the world and instead of figuring out ways to make money off of it. He figured out two illegal ways to make money that would have landed him in jail for at least 7 years, but now he’s dead” Said a judge to the remaining members early this morning.

Bobby Shmurda’s relatives are looking to have a funeral as early as next week and it will be closed casket as the rapper was shot dead in the face during the altercation.

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