Passenger Stabbed After Turning Off Tupac To Listen To Young Thug!

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LOS ANGELES – A man was stabbed and murdered after an argument escalated between two friends after one turned of Tupac to listen to Young Thug, while riding in a 2008 Chevrolet Impala today.

According to a third passenger in the vehicle, Rhonda Tucker, Deshawn Smith and Lamar Wright got into an argument because Wright, 32, changed a song playing in the vehicle. Smith, 34, grew angry over Wright’s choice of a song.

“We were listening to Tupac when all of a sudden Lamar ejected the then CD out and plugged an auxiliary cord in his phone to play Young Thug mixtape” says Tucker, who was a passenger in the backseat of the vehicle. “I have never seen Deshawn get so upset over a song but he began cursing and swerved the car off the road. They kept fussing and before I knew it, Deshawn reached for his knife and stabbed Lamar a bunch of times. He was saying, ‘why would you do this Lamar, never disrespect Pac’ as he was stabbing Lamar. I was so shocked, I ran out the car and called an ambulance” Tucker added.

According to reports, Lamar Wright was stabbed 11 times in his side was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Deshawn Smith turned himself in at the Los Angeles Police Department. He is being charged with murder, fleeing the scene of a crime and he has also violated his parole.

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