Girlfriend Shot Cheating Boyfriend and His Side Chick In Car While Having Sex


Philadelphia – A cheating couple was shot dead while having sex in car, both were in relationship with other people. The couple was partially clothed and vehicle was parked in an area the locals refer to as “Lovers Lane.”

The couple, Shakoor Arline and Lisa Smith were together in the back seat of an SUV (near Lemon Hill Mansion, a historic building in the city’s Fairmount Park) when someone opened the rear door and fired nine times, hitting the pair multiple times in the head.

love parking

According to police report, Arline and Smith met at work at a previous job and had been seeing each other for the two years. But both were also in serious relationships with other people.

‘Somebody knew that they were in the park at that time and obviously had an issue with that,’ said the police officer Clark. ‘You’ve got nine shots fired, all of them head shots to both of the victims, so it appears to be very much a crime of passion,’ Clark said.

Shakoor was in a relationship with Stephanie Alverez… and crime experts believe its most probably the “Crazy Girlfriend” who shot the cheating couple. Shakoors facebook is filled with love notes from Stephanie, who was madly in love with him.
Stephanie Alverez

Photos of Lisa Smith have not been released yet… It is believed Lisa Smith had several children.

Arline lived with his family on West Girard Avenue. Neighbors tell reporters he loved to fix cars and was known as a hard worker.

“It really is a travesty,” said neighbor Henry Murray, “he had a side chick, but he never told me her name… he knew his main chick will get mad if she ever knew about him being unfaithful.. i guess she finally found out..but I just hope and pray to God justice will be served and I think it will be in this case because he’s a good guy.”

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