14 Year-old Girl Run Over By Car During Schoolyard Brawl

school teenager run over car

Houston, Texas – A shocking video shows the moment a schoolyard brawl escalated completely out of control and a teenage girl was run over by a car. 14-year-old was left with serious injuries after the vehicle rolled over body.

Mass brawl broke out as several teenagers starting scrapping in the playground outside Cullen Middle School, and suddenly a car appeared out of nowhere, swerved across the grass and headed straight for the young girl.

It’s not even clear if the 14-year-old “DeBreanna Hunter” was part of the fight or if she was just an innocent bystander who got caught up in the madness.

DeBreanna’s mother Aurelia Hunter said:

This lady just literally ran over her like a piece of foil. Literally broke every piece of her body. She has a broken, crushed pelvis. Broken hips, broken ribs, broken leg. Her liver is split in two. She has pins in her hips. Pins in her legs.

I will find the mother f**ker who ran over my girl. You will got to jail, and you will look us in the face, and you will have to answer to a higher judge and say you didn’t even stop to apologize. You just up and left. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I don’t care who did what. I wouldn’t do that to a child.


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