Cop Detecting Device That Warns People When Police are Near



The ‘Target Blu Eye’ is a Cop Detecting Device system works by detecting frequencies used by emergency vehicles. Once the system finds such a frequency, it alerts the driver that the subject is nearby. The frequency detector monitors not only police units but also any other type of emergency vehicle using the same frequency, including fire trucks and ambulances.

The Blu Eye system does not allow a person to listen in on the encrypted frequencies, the device simply detects that it is near you, almost like radar of sorts.

Royal Automobile Club’s chief engineer said the reports are misleading, when in fact the device actually makes the roads safer. David Bizley, RAC’s spokesman said:

“As it does not distinguish between a police car, ambulance or fire engine responding to an emergency or one that is simply driving under non-blue-light conditions, this particular device is sadly just as likely to be bought by a minority of motorists who wish to evade being caught behaving illegally.”

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