BREAKING: Kim Jong-Un Offers Asylum To “El Chapo”

el chapo

NORTH KOREA – It has been reported that North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un plans to offer asylum to the Mexican drug lord.

North Korean officials have developed a plan to offer asylum to El Chapo. A general with in the ranks of North Korea’s military met with Kim Jong Un to dicuss possible ways to assist the mexican drug lord in entering North Korea.

Reportedly, Kim Jong Un belives that El Chapo’s presence in North Korea will assist in economic growth. Kim Jong Un and General Guhn Gim indicated that they are considering offering asylum to El Chapo in exchange for financial assistance in rebuilding North Korea’s infrastructure.

The Minister of Finance explained to Jong Un that many sanctions would come about from accepting El Chapo into North Korea however it would be irrelevant given El Chapo’s financial assets. According to reports, the Cartel is worth over $26 Billion Dollars, grossing over $300 Million a year. The financial information presented to Kim Jong Un instantly prompted him to authorize asylum for El Chapo.

Recent reports have indicated North Korea’s economy is struggling, which has lead to famine, poor building structures, and other economic impacts. With North Korea being known for its involvement in drug trafficking, including large ships of heroin and methamphetamine, it’s to no surprise that North Korean officials would seek to offer El Chapo asylum.

el chapo

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