Hate Groups Raises 1 Million for Dylann Roof’s Bail


Dylan Roof was arrested after he opened fire at a church in South Carolina. He is sitting in the county jail awaiting trial accused of multiple counts of murder. A judge has set bail for Dylann Roof at $1 million.

It has been reported that several Hate Groups that support the young killer including the KKK have managed to raise over 1 Million for his defense as well as Bond money.

Imperial Knight Jethro Johnson released this statement “We just want a fair trial for our brother, he was set up and we plan to prove that in a court of law, we have his bail money ready and will provide protection until his trial begins”

Several anti-hate groups are pushing to have the Online account taken down. But as of now it is currently at 1 million and growing.

He confessed to the shootings in interviews with the Charleston police and FBI. He also told investigators he wanted to start a race war.

We wonder if the video below of the judge asking for help has anything to do with this?


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