Woman Sues Beyonce for Custody of Blue Ivy, Calls Bad Mother


A woman has filed a maternity lawsuit in a Manhattan court, claiming to be the biological mother of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s only child Blue Ivy Carter.

According to legal documents, the woman says she was contracted by the couple to birth their child, but was coerced into signing a confidentiality agreement.

News Two caught up with the New York resident and asked her what prompted her to file the lawsuit.

“Beyonce is not a good mother,” the woman revealed. “She is always on the road, she worships the Devil, and she never combs my child’s hair. Have you seen my baby out here looking like 1,000 shades of struggle? Her hair would never look like that if I had custody. I no longer care about the confidentiality agreement, I just want to run a hot comb through my baby’s hair.”

In October of 2011, there were many rumors that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy after her stomach appeared to fold during a visit to an Australian television show. Beyonce shot down the rumors as silly and baseless.

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