Woman Stabs Man in the Eye With Her Stiletto So Hard It Was Embedded In His Face

A woman stabbed a man in the eye with her Louboutin heel.

woman hits man with shoe

A 22-year-old young woman named ‘Shadiya Omar’ attacked ‘Justin Lloyd’ after he started arguing with her friend on the street.

Apparently, the fight ensued over a bag of potato chips that her friend hit out of Lloyd’s hand after he offered her a snack as a joke. When Lloyd tried to pour the chips on her friends’ head in retaliation, Omar hit him in the left eye with her stiletto. The blow was apparently so hard that he had to physically pull the heel out.

At a court hearing, Omar’s defense attorney says that “she had removed her heels because her feet were hurting, and had not intended to use them as a weapon.” Unfortunately for Lloyd, that is exactly what she did.

Luckily, Lloyd still has his eye sight, but does suffer from stabbing pains and the physiological effects that come from being attacked. Since the attack he said he has lost his confidence and no longer wants to socialize with friends.



Since Omar plead guilty to the 2014 assault she has avoided jail time for now. Her 18-month prison sentence has been suspended for two years. She will have to perform 6 months of community service and pay a small victim fee.

Crazy.. I’m sure he had no idea that messing with those two ladies could end so badly.. That’s why it’s best to avoid unnecessary confrontation..

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