White Women Warned Not To Watch Will Smith Movie

white women focus

It has been reported that after watching the Will Smith movie “Focus”, White women develop an insatiable and dangerous desire for s*x with black men.

White men claim the film’s hot scenes has sent millions of innocent and otherwise normal white women into a salivating, lust-fueled frenzy with many taking to the streets eager to violently indulge their thirst to ‘go black’.

Connor Rufus of Arkansas took his wife to see the movie but was unprepared for her transformation. He warned the rest of America that if their wives and daughters see this movie, they’ll regret it for the rest of their lives.

Rufus said: “My wife went black, and guess what, she never came back!”

The film contains subliminal messages urging white women to find a black partner and procreate in order to spawn a master race of Obamas hell bent on global destruction.

The film joins a long list of things that could ‘turn’ white women including listening to calypso music featuring loud bongos, eating food that is ‘jerked’ and having two names that begin with the letter K.

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