Pedophiles Line Up For Vaccine That Will Help Them Stop Molesting Children

Pedophiles could be treated with a single injection to prevent them abusing children…

A single injection could stop paedophiles abusing children for up to three months

LOS ANGELES, CA | A new controversial vaccine has convicted pedophiles and “potential” pedophiles lined up at pharmacies across the country to receive their free ‘Pedophile Vaccine.’

In a clinical research study, researchers found that an existing drug known as Degarrelix, is capable of preventing pedophiles from abusing children.

Degarrelix is a hormone therapy drug, which is currently used in the treatment of prostate cancer. It blocks brain signals which stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone. The drug is administered by simply injecting it into the pedophile. According to health experts, testosterone is linked to high sexual arousal, diminished self-regulation and low empathy. The drug blocks receptors in the limbic system of the brain which promotes anger.

Dr Christoffer, Consultant Psychiatrist and post-doctoral researcher said: “Child sexual abuse is one of the most pervasive social problems today. Pedophiles causes a lot of suffering to the victims and their relatives. It also has negative consequences for the perpetrator who risks becoming totally isolated, depressed and sentence to imprisonment.”

“Up until now, most of the attention has been trying to deal with perpetrators by the police but by this stage children have already been harmed. We want to shift focus and explore methods of preventing child sexual abuse from happening in the first place. What is relatively unknown is that a substantial number of patients which paedophilic disorder actually want help.”

“The goal of pilot is to reduce the number of child sexual abuses, intervening before the damage is done.”


Studies have suggested that between one in 20 and one in 35 men are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children, a prevalence so high that some experts think it could be an orientation, in the same way as homosexuality or heterosexuality.

The drug has been approved by the FDA for this type of use and the government has issued a grant to pharmacies across the U.S. to inject these convicted felons, and potential predators, for free.

The free injection program began on Monday, and as of today there have been over 150,000 predators injected with Degarrelix.

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