Teenager Purposely Contracts AIDS, Says His Eazy-E Halloween Costume Was Incomplete Without It

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CHICAGO – A teenager is awaiting the results of his AIDS test, which he took Sunday morning, the day following Halloween. The details behind the case is what shocks everyone.

A 17 year old teenager “Jaushua Williams” celebrated Halloween by attending a friends Halloween costume party donned in an Eazy-E costume. Like any other teen, he wanted to impress party goers with a really accurate portrayal of his favorite rapper Eazy-E.

Eazy-E, was an American rapper who performed solo and in the hip hop group N.W.A. He was also called “Godfather of Gangsta Rap”. On February 24, 1995, he was diagnosed with AIDS and later passed away on March 26, 1995. Eazy-E is remembered as one of the most important rap figures of all time with his contribution to the rise of westcoast gangsta rap.

According to Jaushua, his Eazy-E costume would not be complete without AIDS. Hence, Trey decided to “get AIDS” by having sexual intercourse with someone at the party who had AIDS. Trey later went on to complete his objective of contracting AIDS by finding a positive partner. Trey now claims that this Halloween costume was a success and that “Eazy-E would be proud” if he was here.

Although Trey is still awaiting his AIDS test results, doctors give Trey a 85% chance of having AIDS.

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